Redneck Hillbilly Search

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Google is my friend.

We've been google-ated. Google-ized. Whatever you want to call it. We're almost completely surrounded and dependant on the various google products. And why not? Only one email address/password combination to remember and it will give me access to wide range of useful products.

It started with the Google Search  of course.

Then came YouTube (now owned by Google) where we've been steadily uploading videos about just about anything going on in the lives of the  Redneck Hillbillies. If you haven't checked out our channel yet... what are you waiting for! Comments, Ratings and Subscriptions are most welcome :D

Next was Blogger simply because well... I can talk. Or write, as the case may be. Not exceptionally well, but I for one think we are incredibly interesting people. Even in our humdrum little life there are things we do and learn and experience that others may not.  Eventually I might write something that people stumble upon and want to read. Hasn't happened yet... but someday!

Adsense - I already had a fairly active website so this was a no-brainer. Why not try to earn a few pennies here and there.  Super simple to use - just a few clicks and I was off. So easy peasy that  it's practically idiot proof. Even Redneck Hillbillies proof. ;p 

Google Analytics - My most recent foray into Google tech.  It's sunday - a day of rest - and so on this sunday like many other sundays before it, I  am living in the land of "Menana" (Tomorrow)  I might get to it and implement the necessary code later this afternoon if I'm feeling especially ambitious.

Yup, Google is pretty darn nifty, me thinks.