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Friday, November 6, 2009

No Swine Flu Vaccine for Me!

Tomorrow is the big day.

"For what?" you ask.

Why, the highly publicized clinic offering swine flu (*ahem*) H1N1 pandemic vaccines to those in high risk categories and the dozens of queue jumpers that inevitably show up along with them. Hundreds of people will spend hours waiting in long lineups waiting for their vaccine. I will NOT be among them.

Never mind the conspiracy theories that abound on public sites like YouTube. Although there may be a shred of truth somewhere in the arguments for this being an engineered epidemic disease that runs rampant and kills off the weakest links of world's population. I'm not a fruitcake or a nutbar, honest!

I just have a wee bit of an issue with willingly rolling up my sleeve and letting people inject me with a toxic chemical soup full of such tasty ingredients as mercury and squalene. I've had other vaccines - and so have my children. But this is a brand spankin' new vaccine produced, shipped and stockpiled throughout my country before it was even approved. (after very limited trials and testing I might add.) A vaccine with no guarantees - and zero liability for any side effects it may cause - including death. All this risk associated with the needle for a flu that for most people is relatively minor.

Nope. Not for me. Time to start doubling up on the vities.