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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frosty Mornings


The mercury dipped down to the freezing point last night, and when we awoke this morning and looked out the window we were greeted with Jack Frost's handiwork. Our fields and the fallen maple leaves that are littered everywhere were white and glistening.  I even had to scrape my windshield for the first time!  My poor stone-cold frozen hands  complained bitterly but at least I had the scraper that was *thankfully* still in the glovebox from last year.

The snow level on the mountains is lower too - a clear sign that the days of toques and mittens are not far off. I guess that means it's time to stock up on those 99 cent stretchy gloves. We have ONE of every color of the rainbow by now I'm sure. They disappear in this house in the same manner as odd socks!

I miss the days of T-shirts and shorts already - summer seems so far away. It's no wonder so many people take off to sunny destinations this time of year. Especially us Canadians, who get more than their fair share of the fluffy white stuff. Beautiful when it first falls, blanketing fenceposts and fields creating postcard pictures!  Like this one I took last year. Aw, ain't that a purty sight?! So quiet and peaceful, with the snow muffling distracting noise....

Of course we all know the reality of snow. Two or three days later  it's mucky, wet SNIRT -  blackened with exhaust and sand. Soaking boots that are more pretty than practical as we slip and slide on icy streets and sidewalks. Wreaking havoc on neighbourhood streets, stranding stressed out drivers that should know better than to venture out, in vehicles that were never intended to drive under such conditions. Hundreds of dollars and long lineups as people who waited until the snow flew frantically race to put on snow tires.

Don't get me wrong - Snow is fine and dandy. For a day. At Christmas.

Ok, so it's not sooo bad. There are a few things you can do over the winter that you just couldn't pull off at any other time of year. Snowmen, sledding, pulling a thrill seeking kid around behind a ATV on a crazy carpet or a spinning plastic dish. The Mr. gets to play with the tractor and clear the driveway and road, making huge mountains of snow in the process.

Hmmm. As much fun as that sounds... I'd  still MUCH rather be lounging on a sunny beach in Mexico with a margerita in hand!  Honey?