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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redneckiest Redneck

Y'all know who you are!

We tend to think we're only a little bit redneck, (and a whole lotta hillbilly) ... but others might have a different view.

Something redneck for a change.

Not just a little bit redneck either. The redneckiest kind of redneck.

(How many times can I get the word Redneck in here, ya figure? That's pretty Rednecky enough for the SEO I figure )

Here's one item that I pushed through the queue. Fully customizeable with your own text, or you can just use this example and personalize it with your own city and state/prov.

Forget the cutesy stuff. That's for pansies. And us redneck ain't pansies! Try this one on for size at the next neighbourhood baby shower for a real hoot and get a chuckle or two from the redneckiest redneck daddies.