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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Redneck Beer Belly

I've been getting a little rounder around the midsection the last few years, but I've noticed the growth has been accelerated somewhat since I started working as a brewmaster cooking beer at the local U-Brew.

There is nothing better than a nice, crisp, cold, refreshing beer on a sunny afternoon after the farm chores are done. Aaaaah.  It's only 9 am right now, so unfortunately I'll have to postpone the experience for a few more hours yet.

The habit has been wreaking havoc on the waistline,  and the BEER is to blame!

So I whipped up this funny tee the other day for those of us who acknowledge the cause of our blossoming bellies.

I figure the arrow tip should point to the top of the belly, no matter how many beers have gone down the gullet and regardless of how big and round it may be. :D

There's gotta be a redneck or two out there who could use this!