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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camera Withdrawal

The littler kidlet went away for the weekend on a camping trip with a friend. I miss her already and she hasn't even been gone for 24 hrs. Sigh.... but this post isn't about her, or I'd have titled it "Daughter Withdrawal."

Did you just look up to see what I titled this? ;p

  She took one of my most prized material possessions with her. I have two favorite *things*, that I'm never very far away from. One is my laptop, which of course I am plugged in to right at this very moment.

The other is my camera.
Oh how I miss that camera already.

It's not a very special camera. It's not even a DSLR. It's not even a cannon or a nikon like everyone owns, but a Panasonic. To top it off, it's not even the latest panasonic, or the best panasonic, or the most expensive panasonic.  It's probably a couple years old now, and a dinosaur by camera standards.

It's a Panasonic FZ-18. A "Bridge" camera. A little more than a point and shoot, but not by much. It does have the dslr look to it,  a leica lens, an amazing 18x *optical* zoom, a comfortable grip and solid feel to it, and can accept filters and specialty lenses. I don't have any special filters or lenses but it's neat to know I could if I wanted to (lol)  It's not a compact which would be easier to haul around everywhere with me, but not so big and bulky that it is a PITA. I think it's the perfect middle ground for a novice photographer like myself who really wouldn't know what to do with a DSLR anyways.  

Since it's not here with me right now, I have of course noticed all kinds of things so far today that I could be taking pictures of. The cattle in the field, with sunlight on their backs. Click. The plants and flowers in my garden that are really starting to wake up, Click. The robin busily building a nest on the front porch from strands of animal bedding soaked in urine and coated in cow manure.... ok maybe not that last one.

Cold sweats. Shaking and Nausea. I'm sure that's what I can expect over the next three days before it's back in my arms once again.

Just.....3......More..... Days.