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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flowers Flowers!

Mother's Day just passed, and my lovely sister bought me a lovely bouquet full of lovely flowers.

What a sweetie she is - I'm not even her mother and yet she bought me flowers.

Sigh. I love my seester.

Anyhow, in this bouquet there happened to be some pretty pink carnations, some daisies dyed blue, and some large creamy white lilies. (I could be wrong on some of the varieties, but in any case they are pretty.)

I took photos of all of them (of course.) .... and uploaded a few of them.... (of course) and made some products with the images. (of course for the THIRD time!)

I stuck them in my Country Corner account since there ain't nuttin redneck about these flowers!

These are my favorites:

My mom would probably love that one because it's pink. I'm not a pink person, but if it has to be pink, well at least there's some nice shades in there.

Frosted Blue Daisy bag
Frosted Blue Daisy by CountryCorner
See other canvas bags by

The blue is more my color. Especially a nice bright blue like that.

Black and white makes anything look elegant, don't ya think?

and this awesome photo my daughter took of a single chive stem with a blooming flower head  was made into a mousepad!