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Monday, May 17, 2010

Garden Time!

The garden has been rototilled this way and that way probably a half dozen times now. Then Mr. Redneck Hillbillies got in there with the tractor and spread some of last year's composted cow manure and bedding, after which we rototilled it again. The soil is nice and fluffy, healthy and rich looking, and begging to be planted!

This year I'm going to skip planting stupid brussel sprouts since they were space hogs and very dissapointing. I'm planting twice as much brocolli since it did very well for me last year, and I might try growing some garlic. There will be 2 packs of corn again, spacing the seeds a little better so that hopefully all of the stalks produce two ears. One type of potatoes should do since taters are so cheap to buy. I'll also be buying a flat or two of  some started seedlings including a  couple space saver cucumbers, a few roma tomatoes, a couple beefsteak tomatoes, and some jumbo cherries, along with a couple hot and a couple sweet peppers. I made some extremely awesome relish and salsa last year! Yes, that's cheating by buying starters, but the local growers do a much better job than I do. :D

Oh! And some beans of course (green and yellow wax) to fill up the freezer and lots of sugar snap peas where you eat the peas and the pod! mmmmmm I can hardly wait. Most of those don't even make it out of the garden.

I'd say 70-80% of our subscribers to the youtube videos are there for the gardening type stuff, so I'll have to get out there in the yard and wander around with my camera, talking to myself! I always feel so silly doing that!   Those people that subscribed to see the Mr's cool toys or our farm animals will have to skip over my long and very boring garden tours for the next couple of months!

I'm excited to get out there growing, and also for the opportunities to photograph all that lush green garden goodness this year for my latest pet project stores (Redneck Hillbillies and Country Corner) at Zazzle.

Time to get my hands dirty!