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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Different Kind of Visitor

Imagine my surprise when I walked out into the livingroom in the wee morning hours the other day and saw this little beauty clinging to the front window.  I haven't looked it up to see what the full name is, but it's the well recognized red headed version of a woodpecker.

These little peckers are bigger than I expected up close. Here it is trying to remain absolutely motionless, hoping I won't see it. So instead of turning on the radio as usual, I quickly tip toed away to grab my camera.

One of the dogs came out shortly after to assume her position on the couch (she's an excellent furniture warmer) and didn't even notice the terrified bird who craned its head to see what it had just heard moving around on the other side of the window! It flew away shortly after I snapped this one!

There are so many amazing things you can see if you just slow down long enough to see them.