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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Banished to the Basement!

 I've had so many things to write about the last couple weeks but I've been kept busy battling a number of issues with technology lately. The most frustrating and my topic for today being our two laptops.

The Mr's Toshiba has been a dream as far as computers go, until recently when the keyboard decided to frap out. You can read all about that if you so wish in my post from  November 25th, 09    called "Sticky Keys ".  A new replacement keyboard is on order and must be either coming on the back of a donkey or lost somewhere between China and our front door because it's still not here.

My laptop, the cheapo Dell that we were offered from Telus when we *finally* got real highspeed here (but that's a whole 'nother story!) has decided to cause me extreme aggravation for the last month or so. It's not worth putting any amount of money into, even to pay a tech to take a look at it, because they're cheap as borscht these days. However, it's unusable in it's current state. Some days I swear it is seriously close to being sledgehammered. Good thing I'm such a calm, level headed person  ...(don't laugh too loud there)

It runs for oh, about 10-15 minutes and then abruptly shuts itself off. I try turning it on again and it'll shut off faster. Repeated tries result in the system not even booting up at all.

Virus scan shows nothing, Windows Defender detects nothing. Chances are one of the kids clicked YES to download/install something without really knowing what it was.
If it is a virus in there, it's a nasty mutant tricky little one that avoids detection,rewrites itself,and prevents deletion. I haven't been able to keep the laptop operating long enough to complete a spybot search, or chkdsk, or a registry clean which would probably fix the problem.

So I said all that, just to say this: I'm banished to the basement.

The next few sporadic blog posts will come from the outdated desktop computer running Win98 in the ch-ch-chilly downstairs office. They will also contain no (Zero, zip, nil, nada)  photos, which no doubt is dissapointing for the 2 people who may read them ;p   I know, terrible. This dinosaur doesn't have an SD input slot, and I've  misplaced the old fashioned cable that originally came with my camera.*figures*

Cross your fingers I get this sorted out quickly :D ...  Feel free to leave a comment, in fact - Please do -  if you have any suggestions on where I should look or what I should try next.