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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bright Blues!

It was my daughter's 14th birthday recently, which is hard to believe since it seems only yesterday she was just a little kidlet. The problem with being in the teens is that they are so much more difficult to buy for! At least in our household, anyway. Long gone are the days when a Tickle Me Elmo would send her over the moon with excitement.

We poopooed her first suggestion for a cellphone, even though everyone but her apparently has one. What meanies we are. We figure,  if everyone else has one already, why does she need one? Next on the list was  a set of colored contact lenses. Not a regular or natural color of contact lenses, that might be believable - but an intense shade appropriately labelled "aqua allure'.

Her beautiful gray/green eyes were instantly covered up with cartoonish aqua flecked and ringed with black. Not so bad from a distance, and great for black and white or sepia portraits. 

  At least they aren't purple, or red, or yellow cats eyes. No way would we have allowed something that ridiculous. She's happy, so Mr. RedneckHillbillies and I are happy she's happy, even though being fuddieduddies we would have chosen something a little more sensible and natural.

Are you ready ? .......