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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brave Doggies

  We own two lovely little foofypoof dogs, Red and Blue. They're farm dogs, but they're not chained or penned outside as most farm dogs are. These two lucky ladies are as much a part of our family as any pets could be, living like little princesses with the run of our house. Prime spots next to the fireplace, their own chair - and each has a little bed to go to at night. (and multiple times through the day)

  Red likes to sprawl out on the back of the couch looking out the living room window, always on guard, while Blue sleeps most of the day away unless she's alerted by Red that there's something to bark at. Boy, can they bark. If you didn't know them as the two bellyrub/buttscratch hogs that they are you'd think they were ferocious.  No living thing is allowed to enter our field, walk down the street, or even be remotely visible from that front window or they'll get an earful from our watchdogs. They are very effective doorbells!

  This morning they were let out for their morning tinkle and bolted like lightening under the barbwire fencing. It's quite something to see these two lazy dogs doing anything fast, so that alone would have been entertaining. Their target?  This wasn't the usual stray chicken, blackberry bunny or feral cat wandering out of bounds - it was a lone coyote in a neighbour's field.

  We hear them yipping the odd night and the dogs cower in fear under our bed or by our heads like the wimpy little housepets they are. Perhaps they were not fully awake and hadn't yet had their slurp of morning coffee? All sense of reason was abandoned, prey drive was engaged, and they showed that coyote who was boss. Coyote - 0.  FoofyPoofs - 1.  No rematches!