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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why do I blog?

  I started this blog as a type of online diary using our YouTube name so that anyone could stumble on over here if they had watched all thirty or so videos and were still hungry for more Redneck Hillbilly.

  It hasn't exactly happened yet, so when I stumbled upon this picture I just had to borrow it and post it here. So why am I still blogging? Hmmmm. That is a good question!

I don't have any set subject matter, I don't have any incredible knowledge about a particular subject that drives people to search for me, and I don't ever write about politics or hot debate topics that usually result in exposure and viewer attention. We don't have a huge youtube presence, and I still have only a handful of facebook fans. If I'd have been thinking, I would have chosen my website name or nickname to take advantage of name recognition and traffic, since how many people really put Redneck Hillbilly into Google? 

Yet still I plug away at this "crappy blog" that noone reads. ;p

I figure it's a great way for them fancy schmancy "city folk" who live stacked beside, ontop, and below eachother in skyscrapers of concrete and glass to see how the other half live. Not the other half commonly thought of as the hoity toity richy rich - but the half of us who choose to live away from the congestion and busyness of the city. Us country folk who have gumboots and fencing pliers and know how to use them.

Yessiree, you wouldn't catch me living anywhere near a city after getting a taste of this good life.