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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strong like Bull

My 80 yr old step grandmother is a neat old hillbilly from the Ukraine. She has stories of a gaggle full of barefooted kids putting in a hard day of work out in the field and then fetchin' lunch straight out of the garden. Cold winters, Hungry bellies - it was a time and a lifestyle not many of us are familiar with these days.

She had a saying that she used to say with an imitated thick and abrupt accent complete with rolling R's.

Strrrrong. Like. Bullll.
Smarrrrrt. Like. Trac-tor.

We use that saying every now and then when we end up using more brawn than brain because it just fits for those situations. Sometimes we're heaving and ho-ing so hard our eyes roll back in our heads when there might be a smarter way to do things... if only we were smarter than a tractor. ;p

So of course, we came... we saw... we bought (or made!)  the T-shirt.

Check it out at

I promise I'll eventually get back to writing about something (or nothing at all like usual) *without* the shameless plug.

Just not this time! ;p