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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rec Room - Check!

The past couple months we've been working on completing the last remaining room in our home - The Rec Room, to have it ready in time for the holidays.

 It started out as a workshop, crammed from corner to corner with tools and sawdust - and is now a comfortable place to hang out. But OH! What a job it has been! Drywall needed to be hung, mouldings and trims needed to be done, many hours of painting,  and late last night Mr. Redneck Hillbillies installed the laminate flooring and shoe moulding.

 We moved our two pinball machines and arcade game in there (finally getting them out of the hallway and office!)Then we moved in a  leather two seater couch and an older 50" projection TV for the kids' game systems and a keyboard. We cut a carpet scrap to make a temporary rug for some cushioning under our feet for the stand up wii games. The Mr. and the little kidlet want to try cramming a coin operated pool table in there but Big Chitlin and I both think that would be pushing it!

 I'm happy to announce that it is finally  done. WHEW! Well, there is still a little bit of clean up left to do, some photos and artwork to be hung, and decorating touches that will make it feel a little warmer. We also need to add another chair or two, and a cabinet to hold a stereo system and the games/controllers.

The windows are still bare, too - big, open "loss of R-value"s as our neighbour would point out. We're thinking wood blinds for the windows since drapes would just be large dust and dog hair magnets. We'll hold off on those untill I find them on sale somewhere since they can be pricey!

The hard part is done at least and we're on the home stretch!
Let me tell you, it sure felt nice to sit on the couch with a fuzzy throw blanket in a finished room at 10pm last night after a *very* long day! Here's how it looks this morning - what do you think?!?