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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rural Mailbox Rant

Mailbox tampering and mail theft: It's enough to make my blood boil!

There is nothing quite as upsetting as coming back from a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine to find the mailbox door hanging wide open and a bunch of empty slots. Did I check the mail yesterday? Was I expecting anything really important this time of the month? If it hasn't happened to you yet, those are the thoughts that instantly spring to your head.

We used to have mail delivered right through our mailslot each day by a happy, smiling mailman who always had something pleasant to say. Then we moved to a smaller community with absolutely no door-to-door mail delivery. No problem, we thought. It's not a big deal to have our mail delivered to a gangbox.

I should mention that in the three and a half short years we've had rural mailbox delivery we've had at least 8 mailbox breakins. EIGHT!  I can not handle this anymore. I'm literally hopping mad. 

So now I'm hopping mad and my blood is boiling. Pretty picture, isn't it?

I am angry at the methemphetamine addicted scum who violate our privacy by helping themselves to our mail, leaving us feeling vulnerable to all sorts of issues like credit card fraud, or  identity theft.

I'm also angry at Canada Post's  inability to deal with a rampant problem in small, rural communites. Shame.

Hopping mad. Boiling blood. Wagging my finger - Shame!

Each time it's broken into, I call in to our small little hicktown post office to report it and express my frustration (as nicely as possible of course) I remind them of the multiple times it's been damaged, and suggest ways of dealing with this. Each suggestion is met with a calculated response. They should have their answers down pat by now with all the experience they've been getting!  If you ask me, they can't for the life of them see why they should expend the effort to fix something if they're not personally affected.

 They can't install an anti-pry bar until other communities with a larger mail theft problem have been upgraded first. Even though it's completely obscured by large overgrown trees and in the pitch dark screaming "PICK ME!" with a neon flipping target - they won't move it across the road to sit next to  the well illuminated one that has to my knowledge never been targeted. Oh, they say I could create a petition, post it on the mailbox because I can't know who owns the mail compartments in the box, have everyone sign that they agree to moving it, and then take it to the higher-ups to ASK them to pretty please move it.

I'm not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination. But answers like that just make me want to THROTTLE someone.

So today I get a letter in my newly fixed (read: they closed the door) mailbox.  It says "Although this incident is beyond the control of Canada Post, we sincerely regret any inconvenience caused."

Beyond your control? Do I have to speak more slowly?


and then, ..."We have a commitment to offer the best possible service."

Excuse me while I choke on that one for a minute or two.

That's not good enough for me. Not good enough by a long shot. I wish I could stomp my feet in protest but that probably won't get me anywhere.

Hopping Mad.
Boiling Blood.
Stomping my feet.
Wagging my finger - SHAME!