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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cow Road Trip "Up North!"

"Up North." Words that strike fear through the hearts of the Gordy's and Babes throughout the world.They know what we do; it's just a nicey nice  way of saying "off to the butcher, for YOU!" to a meat animal.

We don't raise pigs, since we don't eat any pork other than bacon. We do raise cattle. If I happened to know of any famous cows I'd have used them as an example so cut me some slack! ;p

Anyways: I just uploaded a video of our adventure.

We're hobby farmers, remember. And a little bit Redneckish.  So we make do with whats we gots. In our case, that's a makeshift corral using tube gates that are not intended for crowing or herding large animals, and an old rickety horse trailer that could REALLY use a new coat of paint.

The video shows Mr. Redneck Hillbillies wielding the "Cow Taser" or "Shocker!" like a crazy lunatic, but that's not exactly the case. While the cattle prod did come in handy, it was used as a last resort when gentle tapping wasn't quite effective in giving the cows the message to "GIT in the Tray-Ler!" 

They had a short life, but a good life. Grazing on lush green pasture with almost daily treats from our vegetable garden. We treated them as gently and humanely as possible, right up to that last road trip.

They once were four.  Now they are hundreds of little brown packages.

Yummy... Yummy little brown packages.