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Friday, December 4, 2009

A Doosie of a Day!

It's Friday, but today felt a whole lot more like a Monday.

It started out as usual with the kids barely making the bus in time, with my shouts of "Go! Go! Go!'" from the front door urging them to move it. Today they at least made it to the end of the street where the bus driver saw them and stopped long enough for them to board. Three hurrahs for awesome small town bus drivers!

My  day started with leaving myself 9 minutes to drive all the way across town to my work. On garbage day too yet, so before I could even pull out of the driveway I had to haul two very heavy cans out to the road. (Missed pickup last week!)

Once out of the driveway and on my way, right foot firmly on right pedal,  I found myself stuck following a speed restricted truck down the only road to the freeway on ramp, then  had to wait for a train, and as can be expected ended up being 10 minutes late for work. FAH!

It was a super short day with only two beers to cook and I was off shortly after lunchtime, so I motored  all the way home before I remembered littlest kidlet hadn't reminded me to give her money for a dance ticket. Sooo, I Drove across town AGAIN to the school to drop off money for the all important dance ticket, only to find out she'd borrowed enough from a friend and I'd driven there for nothing. Sigh. So much for Mom saving the day!  I had a slim chance of being COOL today but it wasn't to be!

Later I was off doing errands and saw a man calling for "Buddy" all around the parking lot. Buddy ended up being a little foofypoof  dog that had gone into the bank. Into the bank! It was just standing there panting away beside people talking and nobody seemed to notice?  I reunited worried man and foofypoof dog and they must have thought I was pretty cool even if the kid didn't  ;p 

So what did I learn today?

Wake up earlier.
Don't bother trying to be a cool mom,
and sometimes strange men bumbling around looking for lost puppies  really are  just strange men looking for lost puppies!