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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


T'is the season for Bbbbbrrr -ing. We all look so fine with our big, bulky coats zipped up to our chins, backs hunched against the icy wind. Top it all off with watery eyes, chattering teeth, chapped lips, flaming cheeks and red, running noses. Just lovely! 

I got a taste of today's chilly morning temperatures while walking my daughter to the bus stop. I remember the whole childhood walking-to-school-on-cold-days experience as being particularly uncomfortable, but I think it's even harder to deal with when it's been a long.. ok a very long... time since I had to boogie down any street with frozen legs to catch a school bus.

Sitting in a cold vehicle for a few minutes waiting for it to warm up so that I can be blown with nice warm air doesn't seem so bad anymore. Ah, as much as I'd love to be a kid again, being an adult does have its advantages.

For many, -8 degrees Celsius is a walk in the park. Particularly for anyone who grew up anywhere in the great frozen northern 2/3's of Canada or from the prairies. Those people could probably tell stories of walking for miles in 3 feet of snow, uphill both ways,... barefoot. ;p

Not me. Excuse me while I go thaw out by the toasty gas fireplace.

Aaaaaah, much better!