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Friday, February 26, 2010

Porky Puppies

This is Red - she's an 8 1/2 yr old little lady that we found on Petfinder when she was just a puppy, and had flown to B.C from Texas. She's a mutt of unknown heritage, and strongly resembles a golden retriever but is half the size. We think she may have some Nova Scotia Duck Toller in her because while she doesn't swim, she loves to play at the water's edge.

Red is definately the porkiest of the two, and has been for some time now. Her ribs are nowhere to be found, and when she sprawls out on the floor for yet another long nap, her belly in all it's round glory is exposed for the world to see.

She has been on prednisone for the last two years to fight pemphigus vulgaris so we allow her a little more leeway and excuse the bulging belly as water retention. ;p Vulgaris  is an accurate description of this rare disease because it is truly vulgar. It causes her immune system to attack and separate the layers of skin on her body, so a few days without her magic pill would have her nose bubbling up in blisters and the rims of her ears oozing.  We figure if she has limited time with us, it might as well be a good time living in the lap of luxury with treats-a-plenty.

This little lady is BLUE. Yes, I know, Red and Blue. People always think it's funny when we call out their names, and think we should get a third dog named White. Of course, we're not American so that would seem silly!  

We also get people calling them Yellow and Green, or Pink and Purple - which they always think is original and  hilarious.  She's a little fatty just to keep the treats fair with Red. Can't give to one without the other, right?

Spring is here and summer is on its way, so these two couch potatoes will hopefully spend some more time outside frolicking as dogs usually do and work off some of that excess winter weight. 

I'm hoping it works that way for  us human folk, too.