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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Spring Calves!

Introducing Hank, Jim Bob, and Delilah!

Yesterday we went to a local farmer and bought three spring calves. A holstein (Hank), a Red Angus (Jim Bob) and an Angus/Dairy (holstein) Crossbreed. (Delilah)

They appear to be healthy and strong, better than last year's calves anyways. The added bonus is that they weren't run through the auction ring and exposed to all sorts of problems.

Today we actuallywent back and bought a forth calf, since we like to keep animals in pairs. Jedidiah (or Jed, for short) would have ended up being its name,  but IT ended up being a heifer so she was named Bessie. She's not in this latest video so I'll have to go film her for a while and upload another one in the next few days.