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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go Canada!

Go Canada!
The spirit is contagious!

While I may not agree with the amount of $$$ spent on the Olympic games,  I certainly do support our local athletes.  They are the reason for the olympics, the whole purpose of all this nonsense - and the over-commercialized items that have registers cha-chinging everywhere.

The amount of determination and focus these people possess is impressive.

We have a decent medals count now - a few of very color from gold to bronze, and many top 10 finishes. I watch the evening news every evening to see where we stand and swell with pride when I hear of my country's achievements. We may not get a medal with every event, but those that finish off the podium still deserve Kudos - just imagine being one of the top 10!

I am a proud Canadian even when it is not "cool" to be so. I may not have a flag waving out my front door or attached to my truck window - and I may not wear the red and white colored hoodies and toques - But I do know that I am fortunate, or "blessed" to be here.

 What an amazing country to have been born in, what  an amazing country to be living in!

 So along with the rest of the crowd you will hear me chant....