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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olympics SchmOlympics.

Mr. Redneck Hillbillies saw an interesting sight on the freeway this morning while on his usual commute:  Several dumptrucks loaded with... Snow.

It seems the 2010 Olympics committees have to resort to something other than crossed fingers and wishing  on the first star for cold weather and snow accumulations and are now bringing it in. By the truckload.  Most likely harvested from Manning Park Resort, this precious white stuff will be melting fast with our  unseasonably warm temperatures. It also doesn't help that the convoy of snow carriers will spend an agonizingly long time crawling along an overly congested, completely inadequate highway system. On a working weekday too yet, in the short window of time between the morning and evening rush hours with thousands of commuters. Expensive Snow!

We aren't fans or supporters of the Olympics, so we're not stressed out about what may end up being a miserable failure. Other than the fact that we'll be paying for it long after the athletes have returned home. We're not out there protesting in the streets with pamphlets and placards like the crazy guy I spotted creating a disturbance in the downtown square. We just have no interest whatsoever in taking part in any of it.  No fancy red gloves, no special liscense plates, no stuffed mascots or overpriced sweatshirts. We also won't be out there watching someone run with the torch since we realized some of these runners were chosen only because they could buy their way into it.

So much for the olympics being about  athletes. Sure, they're the main attraction, but they're wrapped up in a banner of marketing and merchandising, sponsorships, politics, and a paycheck for everyone standing in line waiting for their turn to suck off the olympic teat.

It's always only about the almighty dollar.