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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey Y'all

HOOOO-EEEE Our very first blog entry!

It was time for the Redneck Hillbillies to come on out of the hay shack and start a blog. Wait just a second while we hose off the gumboots...

We've been on YouTube for a while now (who isn't?) posting videos about just about anything really. Tractorin', growin', tinkerin', building, our critters... whatever little thing that goes on here around our little hobby farm that someone SOMEWHERE might be interested in seeing. Check out our channel!

We're old school folks, living in a small backwoods town where the people are nicer and the pace is slower. Over the last few years we've moved towards getting back to a simpler way of doing things - growing our own vegetables, raising a few beef cattle, and finding ways of spending and enjoying whatever time we have with the family.

Life must be about more than keeping up with the Joneses. At least it is for us.

Anyhoo, Welcome.

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